“Machine code is amazing! With machine code, you can control every aspect of your computer. You can tell it exactly what to do, and when to do it. You can make it do things that no other programming language can do. And best of all, machine code is fast and efficient. It runs circles around other programming languages!”

“So why not learn machine code? It’s not as hard as you might think. With a little bit of effort, you can be writing machine code programs in no time. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to write your own operating system or compiler!”

It had been 2 long semesters. He, now a man, wondered why he chose this path for himself. He literally could have anything and he chose teaching.

All his friends are making 7 figures while he’s here getting paid just enough to get by. And his students! They’re all so ignorant and unappreciative. Everyday he comes in to work, he just feels like quitting. But he can’t. He has a family to support.

One day, one of his students comes up to him after class and asks him for help with the homework. The man is so surprised that somebody actually cares about he is teaching that he takes the time to help the student.

The man is sitting in his office, talking to a student about an internship opportunity. The student is excited about the possibility of working with a company that he’s always admired. The man tells the student that he thinks he would be a great fit for the position and encourages him to apply. The student thanks the man and leaves his office, feeling hopeful about the future.

It had been 3 long years. He, now a man, wondered why he chose this path for himself. Because the man now realizes that he can no longer stop. His path must be completed. There is no other alternative.

As the man continued to write, he began to think about a code that could explain everything. A code that would explain everything.

After months of hard work, the man finally created the code he had been looking for. It was called machine code, and it allowed him to control every aspect of his computer. With machine code, he could make his computer do anything he wanted. He was amazed by the power of this code, and quickly began using it to create possibilities.

The man soon realized that machine code was far superior than any predictive method before.