What is Absolute Sci Fi?

Absolute Sci Fi stands as a beacon of creativity in the realm of science fiction, distinguishing itself through the production of original stories. These narratives are not just tales told in the traditional format; they are experiences, presented either as part of an anthology or within a specially created universe that is rich with lore and depth. The studio’s commitment to innovation is evident in how these stories are delivered—combining interactive elements that draw the audience deeper into the storyworld, with distinctive original artwork that brings the futuristic visions to life. At its core, Absolute Sci Fi is about pushing the boundaries of storytelling, making each narrative not just a story to be read, but an immersive experience to be felt and explored.

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Absolute Sci Fi was founded by Mike Robinson, a visual artist, designer and musician based in Cleveland, Ohio. With his diverse talents, Robinson not only conceptualizes the unique universes and stories of Absolute Sci Fi but also brings them to life through his original artwork and stories. The studio hopes to bring on other artist of various background soon. Supporting our Kickstarter or our official Absolute Sci Fi store will allow us to continue to grow this world.

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