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Champagne Sorbet

The roaring 20's are back.

The year is 2120 and the year is already off to a interesting start. The corporate solders are back from the blood tables and a new generation inherits the earth.

Champagne Sorbet Chapter One

Champagne Sorbet Chapter Two

Champagne Sorbet Chapter Three

Champagne Sorbet Chapter Four


An investigator and a femme fatale from the future.

The streets are flooded with the lies this city tells itself night after night. Why is it always the pretty ones who do all the harm?

Noir Artwork

Noir: One

Noir: Two

Noir: Three

Nior: Four

Nior: Five

The Journey Man

Everyday a new place

He stays at spectacular hotels, he drinks the finest whiskey. Everyday he wakes up in a new location with nearly unlimited resoureses but why?

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